zMotion founder opens new speciality bike shops

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Head out to A1A on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and you're likely to see Pat Patregnani, along with hundreds of cyclists, furiously peddling towards the Palm Beach Inlet and back.

"My history goes back into, as a founder of zMotion, a club that exist in the South Florida area where we have over 1,000 members," said Patregnani. "And over the past years, cycling has not only changed my lifestyle, but the lives of a lot of friends, associates and peers."

Patregnani, an avid road cyclists and successful business man, is now turning his passion into a new career. "The bike shop owners of today are very challenged. They're very challenged in terms of capital resources, time to do the things they really want to do. They have a desire and a passion to get involved in the community, and fund raise for charities, but it's tough."

With that, BikeStreet USA was born. Patregnani now owns and operates eight bike shops throughout South Florida, letting the previous owners now simply manage the shop, freeing up their time to focus on building a community of riders. "We're actually forming specific group rides. We're going to have free breakfast set up, group rides beginning in January."

But before you commit to riding a bike for hours at a time, you want to make sure the bike properly fits you. "It's very important, especially with your first bike, that you're at a speciality shop that helps you understand all the things that it takes. We actually have a poster that's called Brock. And that's our little character, and around Brock are all the different things you should consider when buying your first bike."

And starting November 7, the first 1,000 purchases -- whether it's socks or a new bike at any of the BikeStreet USA locations -- Patregnani will give a new bicycle to a needing child. "In addition, the Florida Panthers to joins us, and they're also going to be donating 1,000 tickets to a hockey game. So we're going to donate these bikes at one of the arenas down at the Panthers, and somewhere up in West Palm Beach."

Making BikeStreet USA more than a specialty bike shop. "It's about a lifestyle, about engaging the community. It's about created a better tomorrow for a lot of people."

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