Clinton stumping for Obama in Lake Worth

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - President Bill Clinton spoke at a grassroots event at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth Friday morning stumping for President Barack Obama just four days before the election.

Clinton's voice was raspy and hoarse at the event, which he said was caused by campaigning across the country on behalf of Obama.

The college's theatre was packed with a very energetic crowd -- eager to see Clinton speak.

Clinton has been dubbed the Obama campaign's biggest rock star -- and just like a rock star, Clinton was met by a long line of supporters. "Today's actually my daughters birthday, I'm supposed to be out getting things for her, but this morning I was watching the news and I ran over here as fast as I could," said Marcie Navarro, and Obama supporter.

JoAnn Blair, who works at the Palm Beach State College, said she decided to come last minute, as well. "My first thought was darn I wish I could go." Blair said. "I figured it would be impossible because of the lines because everyone loves Bill Clinton."

Like many others -- Obama supporter Astrid Williams said she would be late to work Friday for Clinton's speech -- but she says it was worth it. "I'm so excited about this election because it's so important and I'm happy to see young people out here," Williams said. "Young people here to see and hear a piece of the past -- for what they hope will shape this country's future."

Clinton left Lake Worth after the event for Fort Myers to continue this campaign.

He will also make a campaign stop in St. Petersburg Friday.

President Obama is schedule to visit Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

Mitt Romney attended three events in Florida on Wednesday.

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