Race heats up between West and Murphy

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Life is a whirlwind for Republican Congressman Allen West and his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, as they count down the hours to election day.

The District 18 Congressional candidates are packing in a full weekend of events.

Murphy scheduled eight appearances on Saturday. He appealed to early voters in Palm Beach Gardens Saturday morning, holding his campaign sign and waving to drivers.

"Working hard, enjoying meeting people, studying the issues and getting the message out there," he said.

Murphy's last minute message to the undecided is that politicians must work across the aisle. It's something he charges the congressman doesn't do.

"We've got to come together as a country, and unfortunately my opponent spent his first two years in Congress calling people communists and Nazis and Marxists, and that doesn't help anybody. We've got to work across the aisle and do what's best for all Americans," said Murphy.

Congressman West held a "Get Out The Vote" rally in West Palm Beach Saturday afternoon.

"We're in the fourth quarter," he said to supporters. "Put up your four fingers, and let's start pancaking the other side!"

This was one of three events Saturday for West. He says these last few days before the election are no different than the rest.

"People know who you are, what you stand for and you've been out there pressing the flesh and talking to folks and delivering your message, so it's just about closing it out," he said.

West's message to voters is what he calls principal pragmatism.

"It's all about our economic security and fixing that, our energy security and our national security. It's about having people stand with honor, integrity and character," said West.

The 18th District race has been called one of the most expensive in the country and one of the nastiest.

While each camp's internal polls have their candidate winning, and a Scripps poll gave West a nine-point lead, other polls have this race that covers St. Lucie, Martin and northern Palm Beach counties as a toss-up.