Guliani calls out President Obama's response to Sandy

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The New York Marathon may have been canceled, but some runners still ran and delivered aid to those in need. 

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was in Palm Beach County on Sunday stumping for Governor Mitt Romney and spoke about the decision to cancel the marathon, which was set to take place Sunday.

"I had the marathon after September 11th, but I had a month and a half," the former mayor said. "This was only a week so I think all things being said I think the mayor made the right decision."

Former Mayor Giuliani, however, doesn't think President Barack Obama made the right decision to keep campaigning. He thinks he should be doing more to help the northeast recover from Superstorm Sandy.

"President is off running to this place or that place," the former mayor said. "Maybe he can take an hour aside to kick FEMA in the backside and get FEMA to start operating correctly."

Mayor Giuliani praised President Obama's initial response when he first visited storm-ravaged areas. Now he thinks it's lackluster and thinks FEMA is at its worst.

"This abandonment in New York is just as great as in New Orleans or worse," Giuliani said. "In fact, I think it's worse."

Sunday Governor Mitt Romney's senior advisor, Ed Gillespie, admitted the president's FEMA team is doing a good job.

President Obama said he's continuing to have an active role in the hurricane recovery by having conference calls and sending his workers to storm-damaged areas.

Sandy's fury even prompted current New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's endorsement of the president.

"I think Mayor Bloomberg is doing a really good job. I think Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing a good job and I think Gov. Chris Christie is doing a good job, but I think the president is letting them down, " Giuliani said.

Giuliani says FEMA is letting Americans down in a time of need.  

It prompted us to ask the former mayor if he supported Governor Romney's take on disaster relief, which leaves emergency management to be run by the states.

"FEMA should just be there as a support so I would be very much in favor of turning resources over to local governments," Giuliani added.