Veteran walks for military charity

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Under the blazing sun, for five miles almost everyday a Royal Palm Beach veteran walks in full gear.

His mission is to  raise awareness on the battles our veterans are going through.

"It's not that bad we'll be alright," Sgt. Darrell Langworthy said while walking in 87 degree weather.

Right around 1 in the afternoon he started walking from Veterans Park.

"This is a good pace though," he said while walking. "Keeps you going. Keeps the breeze on you."

But the occasional breeze can only do so much, especially when you're walking five to eight miles, five days a week in 70 pounds of U.S. Army gear .

"It does get hot and one day and I lost eight pounds probably in just pure water weight," he said.

To top it off, Sgt. Langworthy suffered a service injury that took out the cartilage in his left knee.

"It's going to be swollen later, I can tell you that much," he said while walking. "It's crunching, but it's working."

He's working through the pain step after step, mile after mile, wanting  to bring awareness to his new charity, Warriors4Warriors.

"You push through," Sgt. Langworthy said. "You don't worry about you because it's not about you. It's about those that need the help."

A non-profit aimed to help veterans deal with a number of things like PTSD.

"I don't know if anyone ever shakes it," Sgt. Langworthy said about PTSD. "If you get lucky and get good counseling, you can deal with it."

He also wants to help veterans with employment, which is something he struggled with when he got back.

"I'm like why am I not able to get a job," he said he would ask himself when he was unemployed. "You start feeling worthless. You start feeling like the service you did for your country meant nothing."

With support though he got back on his feet.

Now, the walking warrior hopes when people drive by they step up to help other veterans with the next step of their life.

If you'd like to help go to his website