Celebrity Corner: Mike Tyson

COCONUT CREEK, FL (WFLX) - A heavy weight champion who virtually lost it all. "I was in that sick world where everything was at my beck and call," said retired professional boxer Mike Tyson.

Now, Mike Tyson is presenting all the facts in his one man show 'Mike Tyson: UNDISPUTED TRUTH' which he recently brought to Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.

From prison time to rehab, Tyson has put it all on the field. "I knew I can't fool all the people. The people, they know the stories. And if any chance I'm fabricating the story, they can feel that stuff."

The response has been overwhelming positive as he has sold out shows in Las Vegas and on Broadway. "I'm appreciative and very grateful, and I want to change my life to show my appreciation. I'm going to try and stay on this path, helping the less fortunate and being that service."

But there are seven children Tyson first had to make things right with. "I've come steps and bounds from where I started. Trust me, I couldn't even get a call on the phone. Now, I get 'daddy calls'. I was one of those lazy guys. I never knew how to be a good parent. The only thing I know how to do was give money to my problems."

He's also showing accountability to his wife. "I've been in love with women before, but not committed nor understood the word commitment. Now, I'm understanding how to live this real life. And it's very difficult, but it's so much more fulfilling than that fake life that I appeared to be alive."

He's also finding joy in his new foundation, Mike Tyson Cares, which provides assistance for kids from broken homes. "At one point in my life, I was one of the men that would chase these women into shelters. And I just feel like I'm giving back. I just feel, not redeemed, but rejuvenated as far as my enthusiasm and positivity."

Proving it's never too late to find purpose even after the last bell has rung.

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