Helping out a complete stranger

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL (WFLX) -- The horror of watching a teenager critically injured in a car accident never left Erin Lyngse's mind.

Lyngse said she was the first person on the scene back in June when Sabrine Charif was ejected from her car after a car accident.

"I felt so hopeless the day I saw her lying on the ground because when you see something like that, your body literally goes into shock," Lyngse said.

Lyngse missed the accident by 30 seconds after turning into her home near Palmetto Park Road and Mizner Way in Boca Raton.

Charif wasn't so lucky.

The 18-year-old lost control of her car, crossed the median and crashed into another car being driven by a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy, according to authorities.

Critically injured, Charif was flown to Delray Medical Center.

Today, she's in a coma still fighting for life at her home, with her family hoping by her side.

"It's tough because I look up to her and she's my inspiration," Charif's stepsister Alexis Christopher said. "No matter what happens she'll always be there for me."

Her struggle has never left Lyngse's mind and neither has what happened in the accident.

"For some odd reason, I had this odd connection to her and I had to find out more about her," Lyngse said.

Lyngse found out Charif was a volleyball player just like her.

Lyngse is a former Lynn University player and Spanish River High School athlete.

Charif is a former Olympic Heights High School athlete.

The two schools are rivals, Lyngse said, but Sunday she put the rivalry aside to host a volleyball tournament in Charif's honor.

All the proceeds from the tournament went to help Charif's family pay their medical bills.

Lyngse gathered several teams and dozens of players to play in the tournament in Deerfield Beach's, The Sports Complex.

"Since I've been out of the game for six years, it definitely was tough to have to contact some old friends and ask for some help," she said.

Luckily they did help, she said.

Her work is admired by the Charif family.

"I think it's great what she did," Christopher said. "I think of (Lyngse) like family now."

Lyngse just hopes the money raised helps play a role in Charif's recovery, hopefully leading to her returning to the volleyball court one day.

If you'd like to help the Charif family and support Sabrine's cause go here: