Martin County continues to seek help after Sandy

HUTCHINSON ISLAND, FL (WFLX) - Martin County officials are seeking a federal disaster declaration several weeks after Sandy blew past the Florida coast.

The county must fix $2 million worth of damage, and without the disaster declaration, the county can't get federal aid.

One of the hardest hit areas is Bathtub Reef Beach. The beach was pounded with large waves for several days, causing much of the shoreline to wash away.

Crews have already brought in thousands of tons of sand to help secure the dunes at the beach. That project cost several hundred thousand dollars.

According the the New York Post, New York has already received $27 million to help with recovery efforts. That money will go toward hiring people to help with cleanup efforts.

The Treasure Coast received federal aid after Isaac came through. Approval for that money came just days before Sandy traveled past the Florida coast.

No word yet if, or when, the disaster declaration will be made.
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