Police investigating shoot out between armed guard & robbers

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The investigation continues surrounding a shoot out between an armed guard and a group of masked men who, investigators say, were trying to rob an armored truck. It happened Monday morning at the Garda cash vault located at 45th Street and Village Boulevard.

UPDATE, MON 4 PM: The crime tape has come down; however, the West Palm Beach Police Department tells us the attempted robbery suspects remain at large.

Police say a group of armed, masked men tried to rob an armored vehicle. That's when one of the guards fired at the suspects.

The Garda company has yet to return our calls for comment, but we did speak with a former armed guard who now trains others for the job.

He says guards are most vulnerable when they exit the vehicle, and they are trained to use their weapon only when they're life -- not property is in danger. "You don't have time to think. You don't. Things happen so fast. You again fall back to whatever level of training you had, and hopefully, if everything is there, you react properly, and you're the lucky one who survives that day," said Victor Sakalauskas, a former security officer with Invictus Security.

Police say no one has been arrested. But they did tell us they have detained a man who was dropped off at St. Mary's Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his jaw for questioning.

Previously: Shots were fired Monday morning at a Bank of America site where armored cars are stored, according to West Palm Beach police.

The incident occurred at 7:10 a.m. at 5701 Village Boulevard.

West Palm Beach police officials say two people attempted a robbery. One suspect is being held at St. Mary's Medical Center.

At this time, police believe the shots were fired by a guard.

According to officers at the scene, the FBI has been called to investigate.

More information is expected later Monday morning.

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