Maxwell needs a home

SEBASTIAN, FL (WFLX) - They say cats have 9 lives, well we found a dog who at least has a second chance tonight thanks to a few lucky breaks.

Maxwell has quickly become a favorite at Highlands Animal Hospital in Sebastian.

The young pit bull ended up at the animal hospital after he was dumped on Thanksgiving at the end of a dead end street north of Vero Beach.

The man who found the dog didn't want to be identified but told FOX 29 "This dog looked like it was a skeleton with some skin thrown on it.

He and his wife then started calling around, looking to find someone to help. That woman would turn out to be Gena Luongo-Weiss.

A year ago, she started Weiss Rescue through Facebook.  With her 4 year-old daughter as her rescue partner, she's found homes for more than 90 animals working with Highlands Hospital.

"They would just die from being homeless. So I started thinking I could bring them here, get them fixed up and find them good homes, and so it began," said Luongo-Weiss.

Luongo-Weiss has four rescue dogs of her own.

"At the end of the day when you place them in a happy family and they're galloping around and sleeping in bed, it's very rewarding, " she said.

Luongo-Weiss is hoping Maxwell will be the next to find a good home.

His ears are badly damaged, and he has either a burn or puncture wound on the top of his head. But in a few days, doctors say he's made great strides. 

"We just got him started on eating for sure.  He's got a great appetite and has put on some weight. He's filling in real good, getting him used to people," said Dr. Shannon Skevakis at Highlands Animal Hospital. 

If you'd like to help pay for Maxwell's care or if you might be the loving home that Maxwell needs, call Highlands Animal Hospital at 772-388-1883 or Weiss Rescue at 772-321-5369.