Experts predict a Floridian will win the Powerball

(WFLX) - Wednesday's Powerball jackpot, now at $500 million, drawing will take place in the state capital, and, experts say, if anyone wins, it'll likely to be someone in Florida.

The jackpot has been climbing since early last month; since then, Floridians have bought up $83 million worth of tickets. That's more than anywhere else in the country.

Although, don't get too excited yet. The odds of you hitting the jackpot are one in 175 million. So you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning.

As for winning this specific Powerball, experts say, there's a 60-percent chance someone will win.

So how much is that Jackpot really worth?

If you wanted to splurge on the entire Neiman Marcus catalog, spending roughly $2.6 million, you would still have 99 percent left.

How about your own private island? For less than 10 percent of the lump sum jackpot, you could pick up an island in the Bahamas with a house already built for just $15 million.

Want to take care of your friends? You could buy 1,600 of your closest friends a brand new Lamborghini.

Finally, maybe you would like to think of others instead of yourself, with the entire lump sum jackpot, you could fund the entire yearly budget of the Make-a-Wish Foundation for seven years.

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