Lindsay Lohan arrested in fight with allege WPB resident

NEW YORK (CNN) - Actress Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again.

The New York Police Department says Lohan was arrested early Thursday morning for fighting at a nightclub.

Police say the fight started with a verbal altercation between Lohan and another woman, reportedly from West Palm Beach, that escalated into a physical fight at Club Avenue in Manhattan.

Authorities say Lohan has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

This is the second nightclub incident in three months for the controversial star. In September, Lohan was accused of a hit-and-run while leaving the club, but the district attorney did not prosecute the case.

Lohan was also involved in a altercation in September with Christian Labella, a part-time Congressional aide after she allegedly tried to take pictures of her in a hotel room with his cell phone.

Lohan claimed Labella assaulted her, but eventually dropped the charges.

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