Seven dogs rescued from Hillsborough Co. fighting ring

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A father and son face animal cruelty charges; they're accused of running a massive dog fighting ring in Hillsborough County.

Convicted felons Vanny Franklin and Russell Franklin went before a judge at Wednesday's bond hearing.

Authorities say they recovered seven dogs -- bound with chains, left without water and used for dog fighting -- from a home.

They fear there may have been thousands more that were killed. "They were living in a kill zone," said Animal Services Investigation Manager Pam Perry. "The individual there actually admitted to us that he's been fighting dogs for 20 years, and, jokingly said, we were walking in a graveyard."

Both suspects remain behind bars. Animal services says they're working to take care of those seven dogs, so they can move forward with the adoption process.

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