Exciting News!

We're NOT pregnant! That seems to be everyone's first response when I tell them we have "exciting news".

Instead, Jeff and I are getting ready to be homeowners. We have discussed buying a home for years, but we didn't start looking until October.

Jeff did a lot of research online, and the first house we walked into, we knew this was our home. After some negotiations, we set a closing date of December 7.

What sold us on the home is the spacious backyard complete with a pool and spa. See, my favorite childhood memories are of my family and friends hanging around our pool -- grilling out and playing Marco Polo. My parents never had to worry about where my sister and I were because we were always in our backyard playing with our buddies.

I told Jeff, I wanted to provide the same thing for our kids, and he agreed. But until we have kids, our dog, who's part fish, will be in the pool every day.

The next few weeks will be busy; luckily, we're staying in our condo for the next month while we get our new home ready to go.

I did manage to get some planning on the wedding done. Our invitations are in the mail, and the transportation has been booked. My last big item is selecting the bouquets; however, I'm going to take everyone's advice to not go overboard with flowers. Something simple for the bouquets, and we're skipping boutineers for the guys.

As of now, Jeff and I are looking to be under budget, so keeping the fingers crossed and the wallet shut!