Why Claude Davis will not be charge in Parsons case

STUART, FL (WFLX) - You might be asking yourself why Claude Davis, who says he was there when Andrea Parsons died and helped to bury her, would not be charged in this case.

Davis was arrested in 1993 for charges stemming from the disappearance of Andrea Parsons.

Six month later, there was still insufficient evidence, and by 1994, time had run out on getting the necessary evidence and the charges were dropped.

Ellen Roberts is a former prosecuting attorney who explains it's called "jeopardy". "And it's something that, as a prosecutor you abide by that strictly. And, unfortunately you know, there are cases that slip through the cracks and aren't prosecuted. And it's a tragedy, a horrible tragedy, but there is absolutely nothing that can be don't about it."

Roberts says anything stemming from this crime cannot be prosecuted.

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