Disney World's Magic Kingdom opens largest expansion to date

ORLANDO, FL (WFLX) - Walt Disney once promised, Disneyland would never be finished as long as there is imagination left in the world. The grand re-opening of Fantasyland proves there is plenty of imagination still around.

Not only has the size of Fantasyland doubled, they've added new castles to the horizon. "We have brought not just one more castle, but we have brought two castles," said Disney Imagineer Chris Kelly. "We have the Beast castle, and we have Prince Eric's castle which is from the Little Mermaid story. So now we have three beautiful castles in the Magic Kingdom."

There are new rides and new places to eat, like the Be Our Guest restaurant, that is part of the huge new Beauty and the Beast experience. There is something here for everyone. "This appeals to children of all ages, I like to say in more ways than one," Kelly continued.

There's also a new experience involving "The Little Mermaid". One of the new rides is the "Under the Sea Journey of The Little Mermaid" where you can interact with crabs as you walk through the line. "We have the crabs out there," said Chad Stachnid, Disney Imagineer. "You know the trash for treasure hunts that they like to play? They're sorting things for themselves and for their treasure chests."

The new Fantasyland is the largest expansion in the Magic Kingdom's 41 year history.

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