26 Acts of Kindness spreading across the country

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) --  The strength of the human spirit is lighting the way in south Florida, all as a way of honoring each of the 26 victims of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting tragedy. Simple acts of kindness are being amplified on Twitter with this hashtag '26acts'. It is proving to make the season brighter when so much seems so dark.

From tragedy, to Twitter, to streets across America. Good deeds are being done. "We do it because we want to bring pleasure to people," said Annamaria Windish-Hurt. She and her neighbors hopped on their bikes donned with decorations on Wednesday night, and took to the streets of Lake Worth in song. "We catch them by surprise, which is really wonderful," she said in between singing Christmas carols at Lake Worth Towers.

When much of the nation is still marred by the hurt of last week's deadly shooting in Connecticut, something good seems to be coming from something so bad. It is thanks, in part, to a Tweet with the Twitter hashtag '26acts'.

It is inspiring a movement of kindness. Tens of thousands of Americans are already tweeting about their participation. "It shows the strength of just humankind, in general, not just the country, but the world," said Isabel Cohen.

On Wednesday, in Palm Beach Gardens, someone anonymously picked up the tab for two hundred outstanding layaway balances at Toys 'R' Us. From buying a cup of coffee for a stranger to leaving a gift card on someone's windshield, these acts of kindness are enough to put a song in your heart. "When you spread love and good cheer, good things come back," said Stephanie Venditto, a Lake Worth resident who was also caroling.

Though some people are taking to Twitter to talk about their 26 acts of kindness, there are certainly many people are doing good deeds very quietly.