Overnight run honors Newtown victims

PALM CITY, FL (WFLX) - While most were sleeping, dozens were running for strangers.

More than 100 runners in the Breakfast Club running group on the Treasure Coast teamed up all night to run.

They were doing it to honor the victims in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Twenty-six flameless lights flickered in honor of every victim who died in the Newtown, Connecticut school.

It devastated many of the members of the group considering most are parents and several are teachers.

"It broke my heart," Jaime Spooner, who is a teacher, said.

Amber Allore said it devastated her, but when asked to run with the group her devastation turned into determination.

"I said I wanted to run a mile for every person," she said.

She ran 26. 3 miles in all, just a little more than a marathon.

"I started running at 8 p.m. and ran 20 miles," the tired Allore said. "I took a break for a while and started welcoming in runners and went out and ran another 6.3 miles. "

She wasn't alone.

More than a 100 others joined in and ran or walked whatever they could during the 11-hour span the group ran.

From 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. you could see flashing lights on the bodies of runners as well as the ground they were running on.

Not all ran 26 miles, but most ran on little sleep, including Kelly Janes.

"I only slept probably three hours last night," she said.

She pushed through though and ran 27 miles.

"I thought about them and what they went through, I knew that I could finish," she said.

As the moon started to fade away and their legs started to get weary, the flickering lights on the ground guided runners back to the Huizenga Family Life Center in Palm City where they started.

Each of them was placed by runners in honor of the victims.

Therefore they not only guided the runners through the night, they reminded and inspired them to keep running for Sandy Hook, despite the pain.

"We're a group of people that are in a state that we're probably never meet and we're probably never speak, but we just want them to know we're thinking about them," Allore said.

About $1,500 was raised on Saturday; the money will go into the United Way relief fund for the victims, Spooner said.

Stuffed animals also were donated, which will be given to children at local hospitals.