Students grieving after teacher stabbed by son

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Grief counselors are expected to work with students and staff at White City Elementary and Parkway Elementary on Thursday. They'll be helping people cope with the death of Gloria Farajian.

Farajian was an art teacher at Parkway Elementary since last year, and worked as a second grade teacher prior to that at White City Elementary.

Students at Parkway Elementary say they were sad when they heard the news their teacher wouldn't be returning to class. Satine Cohen, a fouth grade student, found out about her teacher's death through a substitute teacher who was filling in for Farajian. Cohen says, "She said she's not there. She said she's not going to come back."

Cohen's father, Adrian, says his daughter doesn't know exactly what happened to Farajian, but knows that she passed away. He, however, knew exactly what happened to his daughter's beloved teacher. He says he is, "praying for the family and everyone else." As for the man suspected of Farajian's death, he says "May God have mercy on his soul."

According to detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Farajian was stabbed to death by her son Tuesday night at his North Palm Beach home. Her son, 23-year old Alan Farajian, told detectives he got into a fight with his mother over a television show. He admitted to stabbing her multiple times with a steak knife. 

The man told detectives he has been treated for psychological issues and suffers from bipolar disorder.

Neighbors who live near the 23-year old say they've seen cops at his house multiple times, but never expected such a gruesome crime to take place in his home.

Alan Farajian is currently behind bars, charged with second degree murder.

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