Pitbull, burned to death, catches national attention

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The pitbull, who was tethered to a fence, set on fire and burned to death, is catching national attention days after authorities made the discovering in Riviera Beach.

Nearly a week has passed since the dog was killed, and there are still no arrests surrounding the case according to Palm Beach Animal Care and Control. "It's not right, and I wish somebody would step up. And if I knew, I would, but I don't even know," said Jennifer McIntosh who lives just across the street from where the animal was found.

McIntosh said she is frustrated there has not been what she calls "justice".

Thousands of miles away, animal protection group RedRover is hoping to change that from their offices in Sacramento, California. "When stuff like this happens, if we all just turn the other way, that doesn't do anyone any good," said Karen Brown of RedRover.

Brown said when her group caught wind of what happened in Riviera Beach, they decided to offer up a $2,500 reward.

Bay-area group In Defense of Animals is joining RedRover by also putting up $2,500. "Anyone that would commit a crime of this horrific nature against an animal is probably just warming up," said Eric Phelps of In Defense of Animals.

Phelps said the Riviera Beach case is one of the worst he has ever heard of happening. He said it does not matter where it happens, whoever is responsible must be caught.

Resident who live near where the dog was found agree. "You know, if anything is going to entice anyone to come forward, money would be it," said McIntosh.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control said the flyers it has posted are working, but they have yet to get the substantial lead it needs to make an arrest.

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