Celebrity Corner: "Imagine Dragons"

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - It started at Boston's prestigous Berklee College of Music. "We were nerding out on jazz together," said guitarist Wayne Sermon referring to him and his classmates bassist Ben McKee and drummer and violaist Dan Platzman.

But the trio would soon transition into alternative rock band "Imagine Dragons" with the introductions of Dan Reynolds.

I caught up with them before their private concert at WILD 95.5's Listeners' Lounge. "We have a U.S. tour we're playing for in February, March that just went on sale today. Then, we're going to Europe for a European tour and the UK in April. Then, I think, we'll probably do another U.S. tour. Then, I guess we're going to go to Spain?"

Reynolds and his bandmates owe their recent success to their first top 40 single "It's Time". "I wrote that at a low point in my life. I was dropping out of college, and I just started it one night in my kitchen – just stomping my feet and clapping my hands recording," recalled Reynolds. "I brought it to the band, and that's where it really came alive. [I] never thought it would play on radio."

Yet with all their recent success, the band remains humble. "We just feel very grateful. We've been a band for four years, so to get to a point where you're going to new cities where you've never been before, and people sing the words, it's been surreal."

Now, if you're wondering where the name "Imagine Dragons" comes from, the group won't even divulge that answer to their own mothers. "Imagine Dragons is an anagram. So we have a phase that we began with, but we didn't want to call the band it. So we took the letters and switched them around and came up with the name 'Imagine Dragons', and it kind of stuck," explained Reynolds. "We haven't told anybody in the four years that we've been together. We haven't released to the public what that phase was just because it's been fun to hear our fans guess."

The group is back in Florida next month; however, that show -- just like the majority of their shows -- is sold out!

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