People stocking up on weapons & ammunition

(WFLX) - While many support the President Obama's goal of getting tougher on gun control, others are stocking up on weapons and ammunition at places like the Palm Beach Shooting Center.

Sales have continued to climb since November when Obama was re-elected. Those buying guns say they feared the time to do so was running out, so many stocked up.

One man we caught up with Wednesday spent more than a $1,000 on an AK 47 just hours after the president said he wanted to ban assault weapons.

Others, though, say tragedies like the ones seen in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut influenced them to get armed, so they could better protect themselves if put in similar situations.

While many agree with those stocking up on guns and ammo, others say tougher laws should be in place. But, they say, it should be done on a more localized level rather than on the federal level.

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