Long lines at gun show in Fort Pierce

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) -- Just days after the President proposes sweeping changes for gun control, hundreds show up at a local gun show.

Many came to the Fenn Center in Fort Pierce to buy guns and others came to sell.

Everyone came armed with opinions about the President's proposals.

Lines stretched all the way into the street next to the Fenn Center where the Suncoast Gun Show was held.

"The line was all the way over here. It was worth the wait and I got what I was looking for," Juan Manila said.

Manila waited 30 minutes for a classic gun.

He paid $8 to get in and $800 for the gun.

"You have to show your ID and show your certificate and the right that you have the right to buy arms and all that," Manila said about what was required when buying the gun.

The organizers of the show wouldn't let any news media into the gun show stating that they didn't trust the way they would report the story.

J.D. Krulinsky said the hottest buy inside of the gun show was assault weapons.

He came in looking to sell his AR-15 gun because he thought he could get a good price for it.

"All the bad things that have happened made me think maybe it's best not to have this particular weapon if it's a bad view in the public's eye," Krulinsky said.

Wendesday, President Barack Obama proposed legislation to ban assault weapons.

He also proposed legislation requiring stronger background checks on gun sales, in an effort to try to close the "gun show loophole."

"Me being a gun owner I think every gun owner should have a background check otherwise you're just selling a gun to anybody on the street you don't know who that person is," Krulinsky said.

"That's fine," Manila said. "But I don't agree wit hall the bans. It's not the guns. It's the people with the mental problems who shouldn't have the access to the guns."

Soon Congress will decide if the President's proposals will be come the law oof the land.