Why brides become bridezillas

I never thought I'd be a bridezilla, but I am guilty as charged. So I decided to put a little thought as to why I sometimes act out of character.

Here's my unscientific theory. Brides have a lot on their plate -- especially when they're on a tight budget, work full-time and don't have a wedding consultant. Add in a part-time job and moving into a new house, and you have a recipe for a monster bridezilla (a.k.a. me at times).

Therefore, time for planning is very limited. I get stuff done here and there, but the list is endless. Plus, it's not like I've done this before. I am learning as I go. There have been times when I cry over a situation, and I am so embarrassed because there are no reason for tears. Sometimes, things just get the best of me.

But there is one things friends and family should note: Remember, it's about the bride and groom. They have put thought, time and money into the structure of their wedding day. The couple cannot please every guest member, and it adds a lot of stress when guests are pressuring the bride and groom to change their wedding around to suit them better or making them feel guilty about their decisions.

This pressure and guilt can sometimes cause the bridezilla in me to come out. So the main thing is help/make suggestions to the bride and groom when you see a need. If they have something already established, respect it the way it is.

As for me, I will do my best to not let things bog me down and keep working on checking items off my list.