Happy Husband, Happy Home

We've all heard the term, "Happy Wife, Happy Life", but what about "Happy Husband, Happy Home"?

When planning your wedding, it's not just about picking out flowers and reception venues. It's also about training yourself for your new role. With moving to wife status comes responsibility. Right now, I am doing my best working to become the wife Jeff deserves.

I used to never cook. Now, I find myself cooking about four times a week, and it has really helped our relationship. Jeff feels loved by me when I take time to prepare a home cooked meal for him instead of making a salad or bringing home a sub (so pathetic).

I have also taken more ownership of keeping a cleaner home. It is hard with three pets, but I am doing my best to keep the place tidy.

However, it's not all domesticated stuff I need work on. I am also trying to understand him better. When he gets upset, I listen and respect his feelings better. With Jeff, I was the queen of fighting back. Now, I try to keep my sassy mouth closed and work on fixing the problem instead of fueling the fire.

Lastly, it's important to always have Jeff's back. If he has upset someone and they come to me about it, it's my responsibility to back Jeff. We are becoming one, so if I turn against him, I've turned against myself.

I had been lagging (especially in the cooking department), but as the clock ticks down to April 20, I am feeling more confident in my preparations for my new role and making a "Happy Husband, Happy Home".

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