Ex turns gun on former partner, then self

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - The end of a relationship was supposed to be a new beginning for Gabriel Ferrarotti.

But Wednesday morning in the house he rented on S. Lakeside Drive in Lake Worth, police say, his ex-boyfriend, Leo Azpiazu, shot him and then turned the gun on himself.

Police got word something might be wrong after one of the men didn't show up for work. "My opinion is Leo just said, 'Well, I'm not going. If you don't want me, nobody's going to have you,'" said their neighbor, Dee Weeks.

Police and neighbors say Ferrarotti asked Azpiazu to move out in hopes of ending what several described as a rocky relationship. Tuesday night was supposed to be the night they'd go their separate ways. "I don't remember seeing that many people with a big heart. Gabriel had a big heart," said neighbor William Denton.

The murder-suicide adds to Florida's grim totals.

Just last week, a Boynton Beach dad killed his two kids and then himself.

During a six-month study in 2011, Florida had 27, the second-most murder-suicides of any state, and 16 more than similar-sized New York. "Those numbers actually should be a major wake up sign for all of us," said Elaine Rotenberg of the Jewish Family & Children's Service.

Without knowing the specifics of this case, Rotenberg says, the ends of relationships are often the most volatile.

She says a better mental health system could prevent breaking points like the one Azpiazu hit Wednesday morning and that Florida ranks near the bottom in per- capita social service spending.

"We see the stories when they hit the front page news when the explosion has happened," said Rotenberg. "What we're not seeing is everything that's going on in this relationship, in this family, what's possibly been going on for years, and warning signs that this family has perhaps not gotten help for."

As candles flickered on a small street in Lake Worth, neighbors struggled with their perception of Azpiazu and Ferrarotti's relationship which now has a new final chapter.

"It broke my heart because since they moved in, they've been the nicest people to me," said Denton.

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