PSL city manager out

Update, THU 10 AM: Port St. Lucie Council voted Thursday morning 4-0 to accept City Manager Greg Oravec's separation agreement.

Update, THU 9 AM: Just as a meeting to discuss the future of Port St. Lucie city manager Greg Oravec started, Mayor JoAnn Faiella called for a 30 to an hour long recess.

A city spokesperson confirmed to Fox 29 the abrupt break was to discuss an "agreement" but would not specify the details of the arrangement.

City council member Michelle Berger was absent from the meeting as a crowd of more than 50 people packed inside city council chambers for the special meeting.

Oravec was spotted walking into the meeting to take his seat but immediately walked out once talk of an agreement was brought up by the mayor.

Previously: Mayor JoAnn Faiella has postponed her State of the City speech scheduled Thursday in lieu of a special City Council meeting she's called to "consider the removal of the city manager," according to a press release issued Wednesday.

The meeting will be at 9 a.m. Thursday at Port St. Lucie City Hall, 121 S.W. Port St. Lucie Blvd.

It's unclear whether Councilwoman Michelle Berger, an ally of City Manager Greg Oravec, will be present at the meeting to weigh in on whether or not to keep Oravec. Berger, who left on a flight on Monday, was scheduled to be away from City Hall the entire week.

On Monday, Oravec suggested the City Council strike "an amicable separation agreement" with him before his contract expires in March 2014. He also released 85 pages of emails and personal notes that document poor relations between him and some council members. A state open government watchdog said they indicate Sunshine Law violations because Oravec was being told that four of the five council members no longer supported him, without having discussed it in a public meeting.

A new date has not been set for Faiella's State of the City speech. On Tuesday, she told Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers she would not discuss Oravec's future with the city.

"It's not appropriate to do it at a State of the City address when all the council members are not there," Faiella said. "One thing has nothing to do with another. They are two different issues."

Councilman Ron Bowen also said he will not discuss Oravec's employment contract or any other issues concerning him at his Coffee with the Council session at 8:30 a.m. Friday at the Community Center.

"It's going to be business-business, no monkey business," Bowen said, before Thursday's special meeting was announced.

Reached via text message Wednesday afternoon, Councilwoman Shannon Martin said she wouldn't comment prior to Thursday's meeting.

Staff writer Christin Erazo contributed to this report.

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