Travel Predictions for 2013

(WFLX) - The economy is doing a bit better these days, and it's reflected in the travel industry. Not only are travelers spending more, so are hotels, airlines and cruise lines looking to capitalize on your wanderlust.

Martha Riordan loves to travel, especially to see her college daughter compete for her diving team.  On one visit to campus, she decided to mix up her plans, skipping the hotel and opting for an RV instead. "It just came up in conversation. We'd never done it. We thought it might be fun."

She joined what travel experts predict will be one of the hottest trends of 2013. Travel and Leisure's Kathryn O'Shea Evans stresses these aren't your daddy's campers. Expect RVs to be totally tricked out these days. "Super-designy, super-mod, comes with HDTVs and Wi-Fi, and is gorgeous inside and out," she said.

Another hot travel trend predicted for the new year: theme cruises. "Yoga themed cruises, jazz themed cruises, golf, so that golf cruises so golfers can get on board and then go to different islands and enjoy teeing off in different locations," said O'Shea-Evans.

Get ready for pop up hotels. O'Shea-Evans says they're getting bigger and more influential. "I think hotel brands have been seeing certain locations are only good certain times of the year so they're putting dollars behind these month long hotel operations where they just pop up and you go and enjoy it and then they take it all down and it's, it's gone."

Green travel will stay red hot in 2013. "Hybrid taxis are popping up in cities around the globe.  New York has hybrid taxis, um Paris."

So will sustainable travel, with airlines and airports using special fuel and lighting, and brace yourself for futuristic high tech help. "Ticketed passengers with boarding passes, please proceed straight ahead for all gates," she said."One thing I'm seeing in a lot of airports is these hologram attendants where you can go up and ask about your gate or where the restroom is."

Martha has several flights planned for 2013.  She's not sure she'll be rolling with the r-v again anytime soon, though she doesn't rule it out. "It was fun.  We had a good time. It was sort of an adventure."

One thing that's on the way out: reliance on anonymous travel reviews.  More and more travelers are looking for a name to go with reviews they read online.

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