Delray Beach toddler killed by car

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A Delray Beach family in mourning after a toddler is hit and killed by a car on NW 7th Ave.

Malachi Bennet, 2, was hit around 4 p.m. right in front of his grandmother's house, near the intersection with NW 2nd Ave.

He had spent the day with his grandmother. "He was a momma's boy, a momma's boy, a very loving little boy. And outspoken little boy," said cousin Annette Potts.

Family says he heard his father was coming and ran into the street at the moment a car was passing by. "He was running towards his father, and he got excited," said Potts.

"It just happened so quick," said grandmother Margarie Thompson.

She says she didn't see him get hit, but knew right away what happened.

She had turned her back for just an instant. "I heard the sound, and I looked and there he was. I couldn't even pick him up," said Thompson.

Family and neighbors rushed to help. They drove him to the hospital.

But Malachi couldn't be saved.

Police marked the scene and interviewed the driver of the car who was cooperative.

News spread quickly to uncle Wilbur Phillips. "I never heard my brother cry, so I knew it was serious. He said he didn't make it. It hit me hard because Malakai is like my son," said Phillips.

Now, they contemplate life without a toddler who they expected to watch grow up. "It's just holiday and birthday time it'll be a little harder," said Potts. "But we know God doesn't make any mistakes. We know that."

Malachi was going to turn three in April.

As of now, no charges have been filed.

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