Commissioners voting on changing golf course to shopping center

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The future of the old golf course, located behind Century Village, could be decided Thursday.
This is the fourth time Palm Beach County commissioners will vote on the topic.
The golf course is owned by Andrew Waldman, who has plans for building a new development on the property located off of Haverhill Road and Okeechobee Boulevard.
The golf course is near numerous condominiums in Century Village. Many residents living in these homes say they pay extra money to live along the golf course. They say they chose their locations because of the "green space".
Residents say Waldman's plans for the property are similar to what you'd find in CityPlace.
When commissioners last voted on the topic on January 24, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie. One of the commissioners was on jury duty. 
Residents say they don't understand why commissioners would want to allow the developer to build on the property.
"Why? why? They say it's gonna' bring tax money. It's gonna' bring stores. It's gonna' bring business. Stores are closing, even in CityPlace. How could it be good for business?" said Loretta Cuccurullo, a resident at the complex.
During the winter season, there are at least 13,000 residents living in Century Village. Many of them say they're for keeping the golf course as it is, and say they'll continue to fight for it.
"If you think we're gonna' die off, our children are ready to take over the battle because they enjoy coming here," said Cuccurullo. "And they'll inherit this place. And that's how everybody in here feels."
The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.
We tried reaching out to the owner of the golf course for comment, but he did not return our calls.
If the county commission approves his plans for development, residents in Century Village say they'll go to court.
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