Florida could be next state to legalize marijuana

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WFLX) - Florida could be the next state to legalize medical marijuana.

It's estimated seven out of 10 people polled would support a recent bill proposed in the State Senate.

Irvin Rosenfeld has been legally lighting up since 1983. He was part of a shortlived federal program that studied whether cannabis can be used to treat some patients.

Rosenfeld suffers from a rare disorder where tumors grow on his bones. He says this saved his life. "I've not had a new tumor since I was 21 or have an existing one grow since I was 21, and the docs don't know why. It's the cannabis."

It's for patients, like Rosenfeld, that State Senator Jeff Clemens out of Lake Worth introduced a bill to legalize the drug in Florida as an alternative treatment for certain medical conditions.

There's no word on whether this bill will be heard during the current legislative session.

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