Dolphins name each other

SARASOTA, FL (WFLX) - New research shows humans aren't the only ones in the animal kingdom who name themselves.

Turns out, scientists, at the Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, have noticed Bottlenose dolphins seem to come up with their own names.

A 30-year study revealed the mammals would whistle to each other, but they weren't just random noises. "These whistles actually turned out to be names. They're abstract names which is unheard of in the animal kingdom beyond people," said Dr. Randall Wells, Sarasota Dolphin Research Program.

The researchers say this is a groundbreaking find, and, scientists say, it's only the tip of the iceberg. They plan to use this new information to better understand these mammals in their natural environment.

They've learned through name calling, the dolphins can keep in touch with their friends and make new ones.

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