Accused deputy slayer's friends open up

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Friends of the man accused of gunning down and killing St. Lucie County Sheriff's Sgt. Gary Morales broke their silence on Monday and said they still cannot believe their friend, Eriese Tisdale, would pull the trigger.

"Shocked. I never thought something like that would happen to be honest with you. I wake up everyday feeling, 'Is it real?'" said John Jones, a friend and fellow rapper.

Before moving to Fort Pierce and getting arrested and charged with murder, Tisdale lived in Jupiter and was in a hip hop group, Team J Town. 

Jones grew up with Tisdale and knew him as Prince Guru. "Just jumped out of the car shooting? No, that wasn't the guy I knew. He wouldn't have did nothing like that. It seems like there has to be more to the story," said Jones.

Jones said on Monday, he never picked up on anything that might have pushed Tisdale to snap. He said he knew his friend and rap partner like to smoke weed, but never thought he was dealing drugs as investigators have suggested.

However, just two years ago, Tisdale was arrested by Port St. Lucie Police for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest when investigator said Tisdale refused to pull over for a suspended license. "I can't say I knew he had a gun, but it wasn't a big shocker," said Jones.

Even though guns are featured in Team J Town music videos, Jones and other members said their focus is always about partying and having a good time. "Nobody wants to be affiliated with a murder. Nobody wants to be affiliated with that. Like, nobody wants there face on that. We had nothing to do with that," said Jones.

Jones said he feels most for the children involved in both the Morales family and the Tisdale family. He said in just one month, Tisdale's girlfriend is expected to deliver his first child.

"Now, his kid got to grow up without a dad. Just like both sides. I feel like they the main ones. They're the victims," said Jones.

The St. Lucie Count sheriff's office would not comment about Tisdale's rap career or anything about his past. A spokesperson said everything is under investigation.

Tisdale remains in the Martin County Jail awaiting his next day in court.

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