Proposed bill allows FL teachers to be armed

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - In a post Sandy Hook Elementary massacre world, teachers packing heat might become a reality in Florida.

The state legislation is considering a new bill that would allow the people tasked to teach children to pull the trigger if trouble strikes on campus.

The house bill, HB 1097, would allow people on campus to carry and arm themselves with loaded guns. Several states throughout the country are already considering similar laws. "They have to do something because you hear all of these schools, and it's like a war zone now," said Michael Frisch, a Palm Beach Gardens parent.

Frisch spoke out shortly after the Newtown, Connecticut shooting three months ago. He is a father of three young children who had they not moved recently, would have been attending Sandy Hook Elementary.
Frisch feels something needs to be done to make schools safer and is considering both sides to allowing guns on campus. "If you pull it out, and you're so nervous and drop it on the ground, you're going to use it against your child," said Frisch.
But allowing teachers to pull the trigger is exactly what is behind house bill 1097.
The newly introduced legislation would allow principals to pick as many teachers as they want to pack heat in the classroom. "There are guns on school property if there is a school recourse officer. So how would it be any different than someone going through the proper training?" questioned Rep. Greg Steube of District 73.

Steube said how schools carry the law out would be up to principals. Had his bill been proposed and passed in Connecticut, Steube believes it could have helped prevent the massacre in Newtown. "If there was somebody there that was armed that could have responded to that situation, it may have saved multiple lives," said Steube.

Frisch said he can see both sides of the argument when it comes to teachers carrying. "Do I want to see guns in the classroom, no. Do I feel like it's your personal right to protect yourself and other around you, absolutely," said Frisch.

HB 1097 was just assigned to committee and has several weeks to make its was through the legislature before session ends.

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