Pilot impersonator arrested after boarding plane for WPB

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Philadelphia police arrested a French national Wednesday after, they say, he posed as an airline pilot and gained access to the cockpit on a US Airways flight headed for West Palm Beach, according to NBC News.

Philippe Jernnard, 61, is accused of impersonating a pilot while on the flight before it took off in Philadelphia International Airport.

NBC News reports Jernnard boarded the plane and told the flight crew he was a pilot with Air France. "He had an Air France shirt. He had an Air France bag. He had some identification that looked like he was a crew member from Air France," Philadelphia police Capt. Michael Murphy told  MyFoxPhilly.com .

According to FOXNews.com, police said Jernnard ended up in the cockpit jumpseat behind the captain but was later escorted off the plane when he failed to produce any pilot credentials.

Police arrested Jernnard on charges of trespassing, impersonating a public servant and lying to police, Sullivan said. He was being held Friday with bail set at $1 million.

A federal law enforcement official said investigators have not found any link to terrorism, but still are trying to determine what Jernnard was doing. The FBI is looking into the matter.

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