Stray cat loses leg after being shot with pellet gun

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Staff at Gulfstream Goodwill in West Palm Beach are trying to find a home for a stray cat that lost a leg after being shot by a pellet gun last week.

The cat, named Joe Dirt, answers when you call his name and loves a good belly rub, Goodwill staff said.
Goodwill staff has been caring for and feeding the grey tabby for more than a year. They also had him neutered. 
Last week, workers found Joe Dirt in a parking lot, dragging his left leg.
X-Rays showed the cat had been shot from behind with a pellet gun shattering his femur in 10 pieces. The pellet was lodged in his chest. 
Veterinarians at a West Palm Beach animal clinic had to amputate Joe Dirt's leg. If you can help, please call 561-848-7200 x 3269.
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