Goodman mistrial? Juror accused of withholding information

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Juror "Number 6" in the John Goodman trial is back in the spotlight Tuesday as new allegations of misconduct sparked new cries for a retrial in the Goodman case.

Dennis DeMartin says he'll be interviewed today by Judge Jeffrey Colbath.
This decision comes after an appeals court ruled Monday Goodman's DUI manslaughter conviction will be sent back to a Palm Beach County judge for review.

Judge Colbath will interview DeMartin to determine if he was able to impartially judge the polo mogul.

Goodman's defense team says it uncovered information that DeMartin's ex-wife was once arrested for DUI. Defense attorney's said DeMartin intentionally withheld that information during jury selection.
DeMartin said he was surprised that he was once again in the headlines. "I can't get away from anything," he said outside his Delray Beach home. "I told them that there are parts of my life before that I can't recall since my stroke," speaking about the first line of questions he had ever received from Goodman lawyers. "That's all I told them."

"I told them to check my first book," DeMartin said. "And it's in the first chapter of my first book 'Believing in the Truth'. It's all right there of what the attorney asked me and everything." When asked if he should have disclosed more information about his ex-wife, he said, "No, I didn't know about it at that time because of a stroke. I blocked out when she left me for another man and everything".

"I didn't talk to her until December when her mother died, and I went and visited her and then a whole bunch of things happened at that time," he said.

DeMartin contends that a 'lapse in memory' from a stroke was the reason he did not disclose information about his ex-wife to attorneys. He said he wrote about his memory issues in his book. "It said that I'm worried about things that happened in the past that I can't recall and he knew that," he said.

DeMartin has been questioned about allegations of juror misconduct before after he revealed in his book that he conducted his own 'drinking experiment' with three vodka and tonics, to see how impaired Goodman may have been the night Goodman's vehicle collided with Scott Wilson's, killing the 23 year old.

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