Party Time!

Cupcakes from Work Shower
Cupcakes from Work Shower

It's down to the wire. Only nine more days until the BIG day. A lot has happened since I wrote my last entry -- sorry, I'm a slacker.

The last few months have been very busy but exciting. I got to travel home to Indiana for a bridal shower and bachelorette party hosted by my mom and sister. Then, I had another shower and bachelorette party here hosted by my fiancee's sister and cousin.

It has really been truly amazing seeing the love and support pouring in from friends and family and has made all the stress of planning seem not so bad.

Today, work gave me a bridal shower. We are a small office, and I have been here for six years.  Therefore, Fox 29 has had a front seat to watching me grow since I first started -- two weeks after graduating college. My boss has been incredibly understanding as I've had to run out for different wedding things, and another co-worker has graciously offered to make the wedding cake. I got a little preview today with the cupcakes she brought to the party. Our guests are in for a real treat!

Now, it's down to the very end, and I'm just simply ready to be wed. Next Saturday, whatever happens happens. In the end, all the matters is marrying Jeff.

I may not have time to write anything else before the big day, but I promise to update everyone on how things go!