FL lawmakers pushing to protect baby born during botched abortion

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Born alive during an abortion. It is an unlikely event, but one Florida lawmaker wants to make sure a baby is protected if that happens.

House Bill 1129 would require physicians to save the life of a fetus if born alive during a botched abortion.

Avon Park Republican State Representative Cary Pigman is sponsoring the bill that has drawn bipartisan legislative support. "Since there is no duty to treat and no duty to call the ambulance or duty to report, we've never going to hear about these cases," said Pigman.

Pigman said he does not know how often babies are born alive during a botched abortion. "We don't have the data. It's not something consistently reported on. My fear is that it may happen and it's not reported," said Pigman.

There is no reliable date on how often a baby is born alive in the process of an abortion.

Attempts to reach several doctors for comment were unsuccessful because none returned calls.

A Planned Parenthood lobbyist recently spoke out about HB 1129 during a questioning session held by state lawmakers in Tallahassee. "We believe any decision that's made should be made up to the woman, her family and the physician," said Alisa LaPolt Snow, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood issued a statement shortly after the lobbyist made the comments. "If the scenario presented by the legislation should happen, of course a Planned Parenthood doctor would provide appropriate care to both the woman and the infant."

Planned Parenthood also called the situation, "extremely unlike and highly unusual". "If after this legislation we find no cases happened in the state of Florida, it'll be a prayer answered for me," said Pigman.

There is a federal Born Alive Law, but Pigman said it is too vague and does not go far enough.

HB 1129 is being sent to the house floor for more debate.

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