Florida school board approves paddling in schools

MARION COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Local teachers and parents are reacting to an approved measure by one Florida school board. It allows elementary school principals to paddle students in Marion County.

Under the new policy, elementary schools will need written parental consent. The paddle can only be used once a semester on a student.

The principal has to receive verbal permission to implement the practice which was banned in 2010.

Palm Beach County teachers and parents we spoke to don't think it's necessary. "I dont think it should be neccessary. I think that there can be some short and long term negative a psychological problems," said Lisa Forman, a 6th grade teacher.

"i don't think that's appropriate at all," said one woman.

"Would you want your teacher to hit you with a paddle if you did something wrong?" asked one dad.

Palm Beach County School Board members say this isn't something they've considered.

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