DEA & HazMat called to allege drug lab after fire

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Investigators roped off a home at 346 Glenn Road in West Palm Beach for most of Tuesday morning following a fire or some sort of accident Monday night.

A resident living in a detached mother-in-law suite, at the back of the residence, suffered burns and went to Jackson Memorial Hospital officials said.

According to fire rescue, a landlord went inside to clean and noticed chemicals. He called police who then called for a HazMat team.

Tuesday morning DEA agents and police were also on scene.

Police said some of the chemicals they found are used to make methamphetamines.

A noted posted by the DEA on the door said, "a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of illegal drugs and/or hazardous chemicals was seized at this location".

An environmental cleanup service was called to the home.

The name and condition of the burn victim is not available.

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