Billboard angers local Catholics

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A controversial billboard at the intersection of Southern Boulevard and Jog Road in West Palm Beach has upset local Catholics.

Judy Carbo, a Catholic from Stuart, said she did a double take when she drove by the billboard, which shows an image of the Virgin Mary, with a Bible verse, Revelations 16:14.

"My heart nearly broke, and I had to pull back around and come look at the sign up close," said Carbo. "It blatantly gives a derogatory image of our lady and the Catholic faith."

Alison Valus, a Catholic from Jupiter, said combining an image of the Virgin Mary with that particular Bible verse, which mentions demonic spirits, is inflammatory against her religion.

"Stuff like this is very misleading, and it's hurtful," said Valus.

Reverend James Molgano with St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church said the message is offensive because it uses sacred scripture against Mary.

"To use the inherent Word of God against her, against the church, is blasphemous," said Molgano.

The number on the billboard goes to an answering machine for the Eternal Gospel Ministry. The message said the organization is closed on weekends.

Carbo said she spoke with a member of the Eternal Gospel Ministry. She said the organization is Seventh Day Adventist.

Meantime, she is concerned that the billboard sends the wrong message to  thousands of drivers every day.

"You want to advertise your faith, that is your right as a citizen, but not by bashing somebody else's," said Carbo. " Especially with misinformation."