Martin County window tint check

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX)-- Due to the rash of pillowcase burglaries, Martin County Sheriff deputies will begin checking the tint on drivers vehicles, starting next week.

They'll set up several checkpoints in Stuart next week to see if drivers windows comply with state law.

Deputies said this is to help eradicate the rash of pillowcase burglaries that has sparked in Martin county.

Investigators said the windows on the luxury rental get away vehicles, have been tinted.

Deputies will use a tint meter to see if drivers have the right shade and how much light is getting in.

The law for tinted windows is complicated. There are different degrees of tint and coverage areas for each window.

Treasure Coast law enforcement wrote 1,659 tickets last year for obstructed windows

Deputies said dark tint not only limits your visibility, but they can't see what is going on inside the vehicle when they make a traffic stop.

Drivers who don't pass inspection, will get a fix it warning, rather than a $113.00 dollar traffic fine.

Drivers who don't know if their tint is legal or not can call the sheriff's office.

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