Liberty Medical Supply to lay off 211 employees

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX)--  Termination notices have been sent to more than 200 Liberty Medical Supply employees in Port St. Lucie. The company has announced that they are eliminating a number of local jobs, which is creating even more uncertainty among the company's workforce.

The announcement came from managers at Liberty Medical to a 211 employees. Inside the walls of the company, there is an air of uncertainty among the employees.

"Essentially, we are backed into a wall," said one employee at the Port St. Lucie facility.

"I could go into work tomorrow and not have a job," another anxious worker told NewsChannel 5, with the condition that he would not be identified. "The future is very uncertain," he said.

The sentiment is the same among many Liberty Medical employees after the company told the 211 employees that they will be laid off in 60 days on July 8, according to documentation filed with the state Department of Economic Opportunity.

In January, Liberty Medical announced the layoff of 260 employees. In February, the company filed for bankruptcy. Since then, there have been temporary pay cuts for some employees. Now, 211 'pink slips' have gone out. At one point, the company employed more than 2,400 workers.

"We are preparing for that right now," said Michael Corbit of Workforce Solutions in Port St. Lucie. His team will likely be on the receiving end of many of the Liberty Medical layoffs. "We have to try to help them stay positive," he said. "We have to help them try to find the next job."

Workforce Solutions is preparing to help with resume writing, interviewing skills and training for new jobs - possibly in new fields. "I'm sure this company did not want to do this," said Corbit. "But it's just a part of business unfortunately."

Employees have been reluctant to speak publicly about the dealings within the company. Some say that they have been warned that they could face immediate termination and lose the option for some unemployment benefits if they suddenly out of work.

Frank Harvey, the CEO of Liberty Medical Supply, told Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers that the company hopes to emerge as a reorganized entity by this fall.

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