Dentist drops $400 on potentially fake anti-drug school pamphlet

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A South Florida dentist and a local high school are crying foul over an anti-drug pamphlet the school claims it knows nothing about.

The local dentist said he paid for his ad to appear on a folder that would be distributed throughout Boynton Beach High School after a salesman told him it helps educate students about the dangers of drugs.

Dropping the $400 on the ad was a no brainier for dentist Howard Goldberg. "If I can promote drug awareness for teenagers and promote my business, absolutely," said Goldberg.
The company, Student Resources Incorporated, sent him a proof of his ad. Goldberg thought all was well until his teacher friend at the high school told him he knew nothing of the folders. "I felt like the rug was taken from underneath me. Just taken a back," said Goldberg.
Principal Karen Whetsell had no idea about the folder or Student Resources Incorporated. "I don't have a relationship with them," said Whetsell. "Nothing at all."

When contacted, Student Resources Incorporated sent out a piece of paperwork it called a contract.

It is a distribution order signed by someone at Boynton Beach High School in 2008.

The company manager, Lewis Victor, insisted they are not doing anything misleading. "Absolutely not," said Lewis, "No."

Victor insists the school is getting the folders and said he has a shipping document to prove the material was sent to the school.

Principal Whetsell points out the "contract" was signed by a media specialist five years ago -- not her. "They're being incredibly misleading by what they're doing," said Whetsell.

Administrators said they have contacted school district police who are investigating the matter.

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