Students react to FAU president stepping down

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX)-- The talk of the Florida Atlantic University campus Wednesday is the news that the school's University Board of Trustees accepted the unexpected resignation of president Mary Jane Saunders.

Many found out through an email sent by the university.

While some students said they weren't surprised to hear she was leaving, because of several controversies that generated negative publicity, others thought she should've stuck around through the good times and the bad.

"I don't really agree with it," said student Lawrence Jones. "I mean I don't think she should resign because of what was going on with the naming of the stadium and everything else that was going on. It's something that she should've dealt with, but I guess that was her prerogative."

Student Traci Ingersoll said, "I don't think that she gave up. I think people are tired of the negative energy here to be honest."

Added coed Stacey Zimmerman, "I think being the president of a college I would take a stand and represent the students of the college and try to (deflect) the dilemma and come to a peace about it rather than resigning."

In her resignation letter Saunders said in part, " When I accepted the presidency of FAU three years ago, I did so with a vision to expand upon the excellence of this richly diverse and strong institution with a focus on academics and student success. We, as a campus community, have successfully accomplished these goals."

Saunders will stay on in a faculty position.

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