Abandoned puppy survives run-in with train

HOLLYWOOD, FL (WFLX) - Meet Lucky, he's a 12-week-old lab mix just happy to be loved after enduring the trauma he has faced.

Greg Bowser found Lucky, and what he saw left him heartbroken. "I was at work, and a coworker told me that he saw a dog limping in this industrial area," said Bowser. "It was about 8:30 at night, and I went over with a flashlight, and when I did find him, he was pushed up inside this container. That's when I realized that his leg had been completely cut off."

So Bowser immediately called his wife and brought Lucky to Hollywood Animal Hospital. "There was no question about it. We decided to save his life," said Bowser.

Vets at Hollywood Animal Hospital immediately began working on Lucky because there wasn't much time. "This poor puppy, with the degree of trauma, he had being left in that drain pipe," explained Dr. James Dee. "This puppy would not have survived very long with the amount of infection that was already going on in the leg. He'd have passed."

So in an effort to save Lucky, they began performing multiple surgeries beginning with an amputation. "Essentially, he had severe damage to his left hind limb. We were going to try and salvage the limb, but there was so much tissue trauma and infection going on, it had to be amputated," the Dr. Dee explained.

Doctors say Lucky is healing according to plan. "We had a good meal last night after the surgery, and we seem to be coming along quite well. And hopefully we'll be able to send him home to the Bowsers sometime this coming week."

Doctors expect Lucky to be fine, and say he will be able to walk and run once he learns how to adapt to missing one of his legs.

They also say he was Lucky he was found just in time. "Fortunately, Mr. Bowser found it in his heart to pick him up and see that he could get some good care."

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