North Shore

NORTH SHORE, the hottest drama to hit the small screen this summer, returns this fall with an attractive 20-something cast, exotic Hawaiian locale and insight into the dramatic differences between the wealthy hotel guests and those who serve them. Intrigue abounds at The Grand Waimea Hotel, an exclusive escape for its wealthy, beautiful and powerful clientele.

At the center of this one-hour ensemble series is JASON MATTHEWS (Kristoffer Polaha), a Hawaii native and the popular General Manager who makes sure his guests receive 5-star treatment and that his employees do whatever it takes to get the job done. With the arrival of NICOLE BOOTH (Brooke Burns), the hotel’s new Director of Guest Relations, Jason’s world is turned upside-down – not only in their new working relationship but also because of their failed romance. Nicole has sought out a new life at The Grand Waimea and Hawaii’s North Shore to make her own mark in the industry and attempt to break free of her controlling father’s hotel empire. From opposite worlds, Jason and Nicole both have a lot to prove – to themselves, to each other and to hotel owner VINCENT COLVILLE (James Remar), who must ensure that their past relationship and unresolved feelings do not interfere with running The Grand Waimea.
Jason, Nicole and Vincent are joined on the hotel staff by a diverse group of friends, thrill-seekers, former con artists and dreamers in paradise, who have dramatic lives of their own. MJ BEVANS (Nikki DeLoach), Jason’s surrogate little sister and roommate, is a waitress at The Grand Waimea who dreams of turning her T-shirt line into a fashion empire. MJ’s feisty attitude and girl-next-door looks have caught the eye of CHRIS REMSEN (Jay Kenneth Johnson), a young, thrill-seeking entrepreneur who runs an adventure company that caters to the wealthy clients at the hotel. Bartender FRANKIE SEAU (Jason Momoa) is a true island local, harboring a mysterious past that is sure to catch up with him.
GABRIEL MILLER (Corey Sevier), The Grand Waimea’s youngest employee, struggles to find a balance between his lifeguarding duties and his goal of becoming a pro surfer. TESSA LEWIS (Amanda Righetti) knows what she wants and exactly how to get it – perfect qualities for a hotel concierge and a former con artist. Intrigue and excitement await the guests at The Grand Waimea – just ask the staff.