Raising a teenager can be a challenge. Raising five at once means all-out war. The quintuplets were a blessing for BOB (Andy Richter) and CAROL CHASE (Rebecca Creskoff) when they were first born – an adorable gift of abundance, they graced many a magazine cover promoting everything from applesauce to condoms. Their teenage years, however, have been less than kind. The quints are no longer the precious little tykes they used to be. Now they are three boys and two girls of varying sizes, looks, intelligence and social skills.

Torn between their dependence on each other and their need to develop their individuality, the quintuplets must deal with the problems of living their teenage years as one of five siblings and a part of this unique family. PENNY (April Matson) is the awkward, unpopular girl at school who eats lunch alone and hates being a quint. Luckily her sister PAIGE (Sarah Wright), the beautiful, popular daughter, has enough self-esteem for the both of them. Meanwhile, the brothers’ personalities are just as strong. PATTON (Ryan Pinkston), the shortest brother, wants desperately to score with a girl; PEARCE (Johnny Lewis) is the oddball of the group; and PARKER (Jake McDorman) is the brother who has it all -- good looks, hot girls, and unfortunately two brothers who embarrass him at every turn.