Zimmerman attorney's request 500 potential jurors

SANFORD, FL (WFLX) - A pre-trial hearing in the George Zimmerman case just wrapped up a short time ago.

Thirteen days ahead of jury selection, this is a key pre-trial hearing as attorneys for George Zimmerman argue nearly a dozen motions -- trying to convince the judge that key discovery -- photographs of Trayvon Martin smoking marijuana, texts about fighting -- that those two things should be admissible during the trial.

Attorneys are also making a big push with the jury. They've asked for as many as 500 potential jurors to be sequestered during jury selection.

It wants the jury, once it is chosen, to visit the crime scene. It's still up in the air if the judge agree to delay the trial as the defense has asked.

George Zimmerman is facing a second degree murder charge in connection with Trayvon Martin's death. Attorneys are covering a lot of ground.

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